‘Senators, Do Your Duty’

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  • Tom Brady, a Champ for the Ages

  Credit…Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

To the Editor:

Re “A G.O.P. Meşru Ace Rebuts Trump’s Case” (news article, Feb. 8) and “Top Lawyers Call Trump’s Impeachment Defense ‘Legally Frivolous’” (news article, Feb. 6):

Charles Cooper, a respected conservative constitutional lawyer, has written that “it defies logic to suggest that the Senate is prohibited from trying and convicting former officeholders.” In addition, 144 constitutional scholars and attorneys from both political parties — with far more expertise on the U.S. Constitution than sitting Republican senators — have declared Mr. Trump’s claims about First Amendment protections “legally frivolous.”

Most of us saw and heard and gasped at what happened on Jan. 6. We know how the former president reacted. The most important question of the impeachment proceedings must be: Should Donald Trump be barred from holding office in this country again? If so, senators, do your duty.

John A. Kern
Charlotte, Vt.

Tom Brady, a Champ for the Ages

Tom Brady celebrated with his children after winning the Muhteşem Bowl on Sunday in Tampa, Fla. “I think we knew this was going to happen now, didn’t we?” Brady said.Credit…Doug Mills/The New York Times

To the Editor:

Re “Brady Leaves No Doubt He Can Win Anywhere” (SportsMonday, Feb. 8):

How many superlatives are there to describe the seven-time Muhteşem Bowl winner Tom Brady? Champion of champs? Yes. Best of the best? Of course. Greatest quarterback ever? Works for me.

No matter what you call Brady, this is for müddet: It’s time to give him the keys to the N.F.L. Hall of Fame now. Why wait until he retires?

Denny Freidenrich
Laguna Beach, Calif.

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