Judge John Hodgman on Using a Crockpot as a Humidifier

Rebecca writes: My mom set up her crockpot as a humidifier in our Airbnb’s bathroom (away from her dog). She wanted to leave the lid off so the steam percolates quickly, and my dad wanted to partly cover it, as he thought it wouldn’t affect the steam. I think my mom was right, but my husband agrees with my dad!

I refuse to decide because: A) I’m not an expert on steam dispersal, and B) I am ruling against all of you. I’m aware that MacGyver-ing your slow cooker into a humidifier is a popular internet göğüs. Why ever your mom is dragging her crockpot to an Airbnb is her biz, but humidifiers are supposed to ease your sleep, not worry you about ruining someone else’s floor, burning your dog’s tongue and dragging your family into a thermodynamic fight spiral, all while NOT making delicious stew! Here’s a better life hack: Humidifiers are for sale. Buy one.

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