Online make-up tutorials help boost cancer patients’ self-esteem during the pandemic

The UK charity ‘Look Good Feel Better’ is dedicated to improving the self-esteem of people undergoing cancer treatment, giving advice on how to deal with treatment side-effects like losing hair, eyebrows and dry skin.

With limited opportunities for face-to-face support during the pandemic, make-up artist and volunteer Laura Hunt has found a way of boosting patients’ self-esteem from home. She’s providing people who have gone through chemotherapy with online make-up tutorials.

Hunt, who is based in London, said the aims was to help patients with their self-esteem. ‘Doing make-up lessons just lifts their spirits while they are going through cancer treatments.’

She’s used to doing workshops with a room full of people, but she says there’s perks to virtual tutorials. ‘The positive to doing it online is that it’s a lot more intimate, because you’re just with the one person. You can get into people’s houses so they don’t need to worry about going out during the pandemic.’

Laura was filmed holding a tutorial with Canadian former patient Aisha, who finished treatment for lymphoma in March.

‘It was amazing to reach out to her given that she’s so far away.’

There were both provided with products by Mary Kay cosmetics.

‘We could work together at the same time with exactly the same products. It felt like we were close though miles apart. She said it really lifted her spirits taking part in the masterclass.’

Watch our interview with Laura Hunt in the media player above.

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